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The first soccer academy in Celebration, Florida, that has a complete structure for those seeking high performance in soccer. It was created to attend the public that seeks quality and excellence in professional soccer, for children from 6 to 17 years of age. Founded in 2017, we are located at Celebration, Florida, 10 minutes away from Disney World, one of the most visited places in Orlando area. It is a soccer academy that applies a specific methodology for the training of athletes who wish to:

• Become a professional in the future and participate in the American leagues
• Be accepted by several universities in the United States and use the benefits of scholarships
• Know and practice the number one sport in the world
• Be a part of a selected group of athletes that will experience the true spirit of soccer


To each category we will have a directed training respective to the age, always respecting the integrity of the athlete and his limitations. We will work with aspects:


Infra structure for beginners

Our focus is to make soccer into something fun and dynamic. To do so, we need to plan our lessons and infra structure that helps our students to have the first contact with the sport in a fun way. 

Basic development of techniques

The contact with the ball is fundamental, along with the motor coordination and speed. All in its time, that’s how we treat soccer.

Head coach approach

The word of a Head coach could mean more than a simple instruction. Sometimes it could make a difference in the life of a soccer player.

Played in the base categories of São Paulo Futebol Clube and Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. MBA in Project Elaboration, Economic Analysis and Business Management FIPE / FIA – USP -. São Paulo Brazil. Executive MBA in Finance and Banking – IBMEC / INSPER – São Paulo – Brazil. Civil Engineering – FAAP – São Paulo – Brazil.

Completed 20+ years of professional training and work experience in the business economic field. Bachelor’s in economics by PUC – SP. Franchising Specialist. Master’s in Business Administration, University of Dallas • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Maryland • Management, Brookhaven College • Marketing, Brookhaven College. Marcelo is all about Entrepreneurship and Business.

Began his coaching career in 2011 with the Brazilian Youth National Team, serving as the technical supervisor and assistant coach for the U-15, U-17 and U-20 teams. READ MORE

Bachelor degree in Physical Education from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV). With more than 24 years of experience as Head Coach in major Brazilian football clubs, creates his own soccer academy. READ MORE

“All this work was developed by renowned specialists in Brazil and coordinated by Ney Franco. We are bringing what is the best being used in base teams in Brazil to apply in the USA.”

Offer a quality job with fundamental, starting by FIFA default lawn, projected by specialized professionals in the sector, structure and sporting materials of high quality and applying plaining to each category developed by the best professional basic trainers, supervised by Professor Ney Franco.

Soccer is a sport that brings nations together. Integrates social classes and respects human above all. We are together with the Celebration Community Church, to propose to athletes that does not have financial resources, all necessary assistance for the development within soccer. We also support charity events and social projects.

Welcome to the best of soccer!

The first soccer academy in Celebration, Florida, that has a complete structure for those seeking high performance in soccer.